They Don’t Mess Around

I went for my ultrasound early this morning. I had already pre-registered over the phone, so all I had to do was walk into the hospital, head to radiology, and sign one form and get a wristband.

The ultrasound tech had warm gel! I was overly excited about that. She covered me in it and then proceeded to poke around my upper abdomen for 20 minutes. I saw my gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, etc. I love looking at the pictures so it was neat, except for when she kept jabbing me in the rib. I was disappointed that she never strayed low enough to get a peek into the uterus, but I’m sure I’ll get another chance soon.

I hate waiting. When it was over I stopped to wipe all the gel off myself and she told me it would be a four day wait unless they found something horribly wrong, in which case they would tell my doctor right away. I don’t want to wait four days. I want to stop being sick all the time! I hope they find whatever it is.


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