Some Facts About Today

– I walked around today with my pants unbuttoned. If anyone noticed, they didn’t say anything.

– Tomorrow (related to today) is my 23rd birthday.

– J came with me to one of my doctor visits. On the way out, he was being obnoxious and wouldn’t unlock the passenger door. I exclaimed loudly, “We’ll see now if anything in our house gets sucked tonight!” The man in the passenger seat of the next car over looked around excitedly, like he hoped he had walked onto the set of a porn movie in the parking lot of Paragon Health.

– Today I learned why the woman in my CSS/XHTML class has such a young child. She is 43, her husband is 50, they have had six pregnancies, and their only daughter is seven months old. She was very open about her experience, which she was discussing in the hallway with the instructor and I, waiting for the class to start. When she mentioned the worry involved in not knowing if her advanced maternal age would have serious effects on her baby, the instructor expressed curiousity about why Down Syndrome appears to be so much more prevalent now than when he was younger. To my surprise, the woman said it’s because there is so much inbreeding happening that people never know about. As in, two people being related and not knowing it, and then having children together. She said she and her husband had genetic testing to ensure that they weren’t related. I haven’t heard about this before, despite that fact that I’ve had genetic testing. I suggested it was partially due to women putting off child-rearing longer, in favor of having careers first, but her response was interesting. Anyone have input on that?

– I was invited to go bow-fishing in a row-boat tonight. Can you just see it? Me perched precariously over the side of the boat with a crossbow, whispering, “SHINE THAT THERE LIGHT THIS WAY, JIM-BOB!” as I take aim. Now just add to that the fact that I am 16 weeks pregnant, and it instantly becomes the material of sitcoms and e-mails with pictures of rednecks.

– I swear I have a mathematic learning disability (dyscalculia). It all makes sense! The inability to read an analog clock! Having trouble differentiating left and right. Trouble counting change or estimating measurements and distances. Transposing numbers. Difficulty in games with flexible rules for scoring (I HATE card games). I have either a learning disability or hypochondria.

– Someone at the store tried to touch me today! Touch! Me! Oh hell naw. I almost tore that woman’s arm off in my hurry to make her STOP TOUCHING ME AND MY BELLY. It’s still attached to me. I suspect I’ll be dealing with this way after I deliver, since I expect it will happen preterm, and you’re not supposed to touch tiny babies because you could KILL them with your germs.

– Ice cream cakes can be brought to my house at any time tomorrow. Please and thanks.


2 Responses to Some Facts About Today

  1. LaNeshe says:

    Hmm, it may be that women wait longer to have children now that can contribute to higher occurances of down syndrome. I’ve never thought about it.

  2. LaNeshe says:

    Oh! And happy birthday!!!

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