I Caught Wedding Fever

After a day that seemed to about nothing but weddings, I found myself wrapped up in the idea for the first time.

I just finished reading Shopaholic Ties the Knot, and I was watching Maxie and Spinelli’s wedding on soaps yesterday, and I started to really think about weddings and marriage and all the details.

I still want to get married at the courthouse. But I would have to step over my mother’s dead body to get into the building, and that just sucks all the fun out of it. So I guess when the time comes I will have a wedding. I’ve never been much of a girly-girl though, and my experience with weddings is very limited. So I would have no idea how to plan the damn thing.

The only things that stick out in my mind as being important to wedding planning are where it’s at, what I’m wearing, and how I’m going to feed people at the reception. Oh, and I’m the tiniest bit covetous of engagement rings. I want one of those. I’ve never owned an actual nice ring.

Where it’s going to take place: Hopefully in a nice building. Maybe a church. But not my family’s church.

What I’m wearing: A white dress. Probably strapless. Not really poofy, but not completely un-poofy. An engagement ring. And my hair will be long and maybe half-up. Are veils that important?

How I’ll feed people at the reception: Liquor. And I want pizza and chicken, with a couple sides I’ve heard of and would actually eat and get full from.

I’m really picky about jewelry. I want a protected setting that doesn’t stick up an inch off my finger. This is the ring I would get if I were buying my own:
Anything that stays on my hand is going to have to take abuse. So preferably something like 18k or platinum. The actually gems don’t have to be big or particularly expensive.

This is all that I deem as important as far as wedding planning is concerned. Would you like a wedding and reception like that?


One Response to I Caught Wedding Fever

  1. oscarthegrouch says:

    wedding planning sucks hardcore. i found out the hard way. if you can, have someone help you in a major way. like a mom or best friend (i would say the friend if you and your mom have conflicting ideas). let them worry about the little shit.

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