Lucky People

At the beginning of the summer, J went to bingo for the first time. He won about $100 from bingo itself. He also bought some kind of drawing ticket that doesn’t go until the end of the day.

We were watching TV when the phone call came and J started jumping up and down and shouting. He had won $500 from the ticket.

Last night I went to the Ohio Sportsmen club’s raffle/steak fry. My dad and I had two tickets, with each ticket being for two people. I brought J with me, even though I didn’t want to. He asked me to pick which ticket I thought would be the winner. I picked 52 since it’s my lucky number backwards. He said, “If 53 ends up in the last five, I’ll…”

In the raffle were about 90 tickets, and 52 was in the last five. If the five people could agree, they split the money. If not, the tickets get drawn until it’s down to one.

We split, and each got $200. I split it with J and I’m $70 richer.

Are we lucky or what?


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