Roll Call

I’m sad that almost no one from Xanga is coming to visit my new blog. I realize it’s inconvenient and all that, since it’s not part of the Xanga system and no one likes to venture out of it. BUT. I had no other choice. I need to explore, and Xanga doesn’t have even close to all the options I’ve found on WordPress.

If you’re reading this and you came from the X-neighborhood, please mark yourselves present in the comment section. I need confidence-bolstering affirmations of readership.


5 Responses to Roll Call

  1. Lola says:

    LayZLu from Xanga here; I also have a non-Xanga blog which I update just as infrequently as my Xanga one. I follow you through Google Reader, so in case you could not see that I followed from Xanga… For your affirmation needs, here is what you requested:


  2. Starchild84 says:

    I came here from Xanga. I’ve just been busy the last couple of weeks, and haven’t really been keeping up with any of the blogs I follow.

  3. oscarthegrouch says:

    well you know me, lol. i check your blog every so often (though not as much as xanga), but i just stalk without commenting.

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