27 Weeks

What a week. Somehow, I never considered

1) what it would be like to drive in bad weather while enormously pregnant. It’s a good thing I avoid driving at all costs, even without snow and high winds.

2) how hard it might be to try and finish the last week of the semester when all I want to do is float in a giant pool of warm water.

Yesterday I woke up and my belly button had popped out. I was really hoping it would stay where it belongs, because mine is gross. There were skin tags inside my belly button, and now they are outside and it’s just sick.

It also started snowing yesterday. We had a wind advisory and ended up losing power at work. There’s a little bitta snow on the ground today and I’m bummed because now I really cannot put off buying a new coat. I will probably only wear it for a couple of months and end up sending it to Haven of Rest because I would look ridiculous wearing an oversized coat. I’m short and mostly skinny, except in the front, so everything long sleeved always goes over my hands and my pants always get ripped up at the bottoms from dragging the ground. My current coat just looks stupid because it’s long at the back and really short at the front where it is struggling to cover me and stay zipped up. Basically I look like I have a basketball stuck under my shirt.

90 days to go.


One Response to 27 Weeks

  1. LaNeshe says:

    90 days? You can make it! Must be hard to be in winter late in the pregnancy. My mom slipped on some ice which shook me up and made me come out a little early…but I came out just fine lol.

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