31 Weeks

I’m slowly becoming immobile at this point. Earlier this week I had a near-accident while I was driving somewhere for work, and it was pants-shittingly apparent that I shouldn’t be driving anymore until this is all over.
I’m also finished with stairs. My mother is doing my laundry so that I don’t have to go downstairs, and driving me to work, school, and the store. My dad is now taking care of the driveway and everything snow-related. It’s unexpected, but it’s nice.

I’m starting my weekly doctor visits and stress tests. This shit is really happening now, ready or not. Also, my older brother’s girlfriend is finally pregnant, and I get to go with her to her appointments and shopping and all that. We hope it’s a girl, because if it’s a boy, as soon as he’s old enough to hold a gun, we will never see him again, lost to the masculine world of hunting and competitive farting.

I’m going to spend today cleaning out this terrible computer. It’s funny, when I first bought this computer four years ago, I was so excited and proud, because it was my first major purchase and I had my OWN computer. There was always someone fighting over it because I didn’t want anybody else in the family to use it and somebody was mad that I was allowed to say no one could touch it. It was also when Vista came out, and before the world at large recognized it was crap, so everybody thought I was all high-tech.

Missing the laptop. I never realized how much more convenient it was than this desktop, even though they’re only a few feet away from each other. Apparently I spend a lot of time Googling various questions I have during the day, but it’s too hard to do on the desktop because if it sits idle for five minutes it starts to lag. Maybe I’ll start a laptop fund by selling nudes or something. Haha, the funny part is, I’m not kidding.

And that’s where I am at 31 weeks, with only 7 weeks to go.


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