This Post Brought to You By Xanga

Xanga still hasn’t fixed my blog, so I’m on WordPress anyway, just… elsewhere.

This week has been hard. Ad’s in pre-K now and her sister is not, and she is not adjusting well to being separated. Dia isn’t ready for pre-K yet, but I’m hoping to get her caught up by next year so they can both be in the same grade. There’ve been a lot of tears and biting. And my T-man just finished being weaned off breastfeeding and he’s not really enjoying that. He’s up a lot at night crying for me to come get him so I’m not sleeping that much.

Even when he’s not keeping me up, I still can’t go the fuck to sleep lately. Work has been very stressful, as it usually is at the start of the school year, but this year I have a lot of added responsibilities. I’m losing hair like crazy and it’s impossible to find a second’s peace to work on one thing without somebody else interrupting. It’s pretty much just me supporting our entire department and eight hours isn’t enough to get to everybody. And none of THEM can figure that out, obviously.

My birthday is on Wednesday, and then our anniversary on the 30th, and things aren’t exactly great in that arena either. I haven’t seen much of K in the last month and a half or so. He works in Mentor, third shift, so he’s gone all the time that I’m home and awake during the day, and somewhere in all of that he has to find time to get all his own shit done, so I haven’t even seen him in a couple days.

Lastly, I really want to move the fuck out of this apartment. It was never meant to be a long-term rental, and we’re coming up on two years in what amounts to a studio, with five people. Not to mention the total slumlord shit going on here. FUCKING BEES in my ceiling, and she just sprays outside the house with some wasp killer. Wtf?

So yeah. It’s shitty times right now. I just need a beer and a really long nap.


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